Moposa Weddings

Planning a budget, compiling your guest list, arranging your seating plan and so much more! Your wedding day can be quite hectic to organise and here at The Malton we are only too happy to help make your day as smooth and perfect as possible for you! The Malton is delighted to offer the award winning online planning service Moposa to every betrothed couple. With Moposa, you are offered the following facilities:

  • Get your guest list started in just a matter of seconds; import friends from Facebook, send free online invitations, & receive RSVPs.
  • Use your guest list details to seat your guests in an online version of the banqueting room
  • Be inspired by The Look, which is filled with images from thousands of brides.
  • Moposa offers you a personal Wedding Website, in which you can include important information such as dates and times, directions, meal choices, dress codes, etc.
  • Money worries can be helped with Moposa’s online tools. You can get a breakdown off all your costs and use a tracker to manage payments.

The use of Moposa is sure to make life easier when planning your special day with us at The Malton Hotel through the use of this fun and simple app!

To find out more please download the below Moposa brochure.

Alternatively contact Sinead Dowling on 064-6638000, our Events Manager for more information on planning your special day. Click Here to make a Wedding Enquiry.

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"Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts."

- William Shakespeare