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The Grand Foyer & Coffee Rooms

Coffee at Victorian Times

After warming yourself by the open fire in our entrance hall, ease into a soft velvet sofa and enjoy afternoon tea.Light streams through tall windows and leaded glass in this grand, spacious pillared foyer, making it one of the most beautiful rooms in Ireland. Choose from the main foyer, or any of the distinctive coffee rooms and lounges surrounding.High Tea has been served in these rooms since Victorian times, where now you can enjoy sandwiches, soup, and tea any day of the week. The effortless service and soothing atmosphere of these rooms create a calm oasis in the bustle of Killarney town.The pillared entrance and ivy-clad facade of this classic Victorian landmark hotel still convey a sense of occasion. Recent refurbishment has restored the vibrancy and brilliance to the elegant interior, making it every bit as breathtaking as when it first opened its doors in 1854. Drop in and enjoy afternoon tea in the timeless tradition of the The Malton, it's a relaxing treat to be enjoyed in the opulent surroundings of The Grand Foyer...

Living History:

One of the most innovative features of the original design of this hotel was a very large Coffee Room, as noted in the 1856 edition of Irish Guide. This was a communal area where guests could meet and chat, flanked on each side by two drawing rooms - one for men, and one for ladies.


Afternoon Tea at The Malton

"Thank you for making our stay at the hotel a most memorable holiday. The hotel has much more sparkle about it." - Wyle Family, Wicklow

Served from 12pm - 6pm daily
For reservations please call +353 64 6638000

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